Australia is a ‘bunny rabbit’ compared to China’s ‘hawk’

Kennedy MP Bob Katter has renewed his calls for Australian children to be armed with rifles, amid what he believes is a growing threat from China.

“If you can’t see the Chinese coming at you, you’re blind,” Mr Katter told Sky News Australia.

“Why would they want a deal to set up a base in the Solomon Islands? There can only be one answer to that question.

“Because they intend to be the power in the South Pacific … We are the little bunny rabbit being swept along by the hawk here.

Mr Katter argued Australia hasn’t taken “the slightest step to protect ourselves”.

He suggested “every boy in secondary school in Australia has a rifle that he is trained to use at the armoury of his school”.

While the proposal has been quite controversial, Mr Katter insisted if “you understand guns or have ever held one in your hand, you will know that you have a feeling of responsibility, not irresponsibility”.

“You have some pride in having an ability to protect your country,” he said.

“All of those European countries; Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, all of them have proliferation of rifles.

“And that’s why all of them have fared so well in so many wars.”

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