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Socialite and football club owner Shauwn ‘MaMkhize’ Mkhize has been a trending topic since she shared a picture on her Instagram page which alluded that she may be related to a well known politician.

Taking to social media, the reality television star shared a picture of Dr Zweli Mkhize posing alongside herself and his son Dedani Mkhize, with a heart-warming caption.

In the caption of her post, MaMkhize mentioned how she took it upon herself to bring her family together, and mend the broken relationship which her ‘younger brother’ had with Dr Mkhize.

“As a big sister I took it upon myself to come and play my role to unite the family ahead of this weekend’s festivities. It broke my heart to see my dear father Dr Zweli Mkhize and my little brother Dedani at odds with each other, but today we have defied the odds and proved that blood really is thicker then water,” said Mkhize.

She then addressed the tender which was given to Digital Vibes by the health department which Zweli was previously in charge of, and which his son Dedani apparently benefited from.

“I’m glad that Dedani did the right thing by paying back all the money in question to the SIU and allowing the law to run its [course].

“When all is said and done family comes first and politics last. We are bound by blood and we owe it to ourselves to be our own peacemakers no matter what,” said MaMkhize.

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What had Shauwn’s fans and followers shocked was the fact that she referred to Dr Mkhize as her father in the caption, raising the prominent question, “Are Dr Zweli Mkhize and Shauwn Mkhize related?”

Although MaMkhize and Zweli Mkhize share the same surname, we know that the politician is not her father, because she is the daughter of the late Sipho and Florence Mkhize, who were ANC activists during the apartheid era.

While trying to unpack and decipher the Royal AM owner’s caption, many social media users believed that she and the politician could be distant cousins, or her late father’s younger brother, making him her uncle.

Here is what tweeps had to say about MaMkhize’s cryptic post:

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