Another juicy Pick 6 pay-out on the cards at the Vaal

Pick 6s around the country have been paying the proverbial bombs of late – and the trend looks highly likely to continue at Tuesday’s meeting at the Vaal. Several legs of the popular wager are, shall we say, a tad inscrutable.

A quick rummage through the past fortnight’s debris reveals Pick 6 pay-outs of R326,000, R351,000 (with a R262K carryover), R171,000, R443,000, R478,000 (with a R443K c/o), R354,000, R100,000 and R302,000.

Only four of 16 recent Pick 6s have paid out less than six figures. Those are fabulous returns for investors with the patience and skill to winkle out a few lurkers and shrewdies.

At the Vaal, the most puzzling races are towards the end of the day, so we must look to the first couple of Pick 6 legs to trim the budget.

Race 3, Leg 1, offers us Mike de Kock-trained Cleaver Greene, who trotted up on debut around Christmas time. The three-year-old is the archetypal “could be anything”, which means he could be our Pick 6 banker, but, by the same token he could blow us all to smithereens. Perhaps include one or two others to be safe: Super Agra, Goliath Heron or Money Fighter, perhaps.

Cheringoma in Race 4 is also a potential crackerjack, with a superb pedigree and unfolding talent. Indeed, Stuart Pettigrew’s filly might be a better option for bankering, being on an clear upward trajectory as she goes for a hat-trick in her fifth outing – and with a feather weight to carry.


1: 1 Lady Osier, 9 Special Variety, 4 Quick Run, 2 Confetti Shower

2: 1 Bevoeterd, 10 Magic Dancer, 5 Al Borani, 2 Black Burner

3: 6 Cleaver Greene, 3 Super Agra, 2 Goliath Heron, 15 Money Fighter

4: 10 Cheringoma, 2 Run As One, 8 Duke Of Rain, 4 Earl

5: 12 Halloween, 6 Definitely Maybe, 4 Goddess Of Light, 2 Mamaquera

6: 8 Midnight Gem, 9 Prairie Falcon, 2 Kayla’s Champ, 1 All Of Me

7: 2 Sound Of Hounds, 17 Rose Willow, 1 Averni Warrior, 14 Light Warrior

8: 16 Roger The Dodger, 8 Dark Travel, 10 The Makwakkers, 13 Granny’s Moon

Pick 6: 3,6 x 10 x 1,2,4,6,7,12,19 x 1,2,3,6,8,9 x 1,2,3,12,14,17 x 8,10,13,16 (R2016)

PA: 1,5,10 x 6 x 10 x 4,6,12 x 8,9 x 2,17 x 8,10,16 (R108)

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