A look back at our favourite fashion moments from The Wife

As the first season of the popular series comes to an end, fans of the show are reeling from shock. So we decided to end things off on a lighter note by taking a trip down memory lane to remember our favourite looks from Hlomu.

Inspired by Hlomu, The Wife book series by Dudu Busani -Dube, the show managed to capture the attention of viewers since it premiered. Conversations around the book as well as the adaptation set the social streets abuzz, and of course…the Zulu brothers. Hlomu’s wardrobe definitely captured our attention and these are some of our favorite moments.

Remember when Mqhele first laid eyes on Hlomu in the first episode? It was definitely love at first sight and here’s why…

The first date

A smitten Hlomu owned the dance floor with this multi-colored H-line number. The sounds of Msaki’s soulful voice made the moment even sweeter.

The proposal look

You can never go wrong with a blazer and a pair of ripped jeans, and Hlomu looked effortlessly chic.

The traditional look

The bride-to-be dazzled in red and the accessories tied the look together.

The white wedding look

When Hlomu officially became The Wife…there was drama unravelling behind the scenes but she looked like a dream in this sweetheart neckline.

Stream the season finale of The Wife on Showmax on Thursday, 3 February.

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