$80 million Powerball winner is West Australian gym syndicate

Gym owner Sue has shared how her Christmas dinner descended into chaos after she found out the $80 million Powerball jackpot was hers to share with 54 members.

West Australian gym owner Sue has come forward as one of 55 women who took out Thursday’s incredible $80 million Powerball jackpot.

Sue shared her excitement Friday morning on Triple M Breakfast with Basil, Xav and Jenna, revealing that all the winners were members of her gym who paid just $5 for a ticket and now have an extra $1.45 million each in their bank account.

“A group of us ladies from my gym were out at our Christmas dinner and one of the husbands rang and said, ‘hey, I think you ladies won the lotto’,” she recalled.

“We went ‘nah, don’t think so’. So we got the ticket out and checked the numbers and you should have seen the restaurant, it went into absolute chaos.”

Sue said she had offered the opportunity to everyone at the gym to get involved in the syndicate for just $5, having set up a little sign at her front counter.

“We’re ranging from our 30s and the oldest would be 84. I’ve had the greatest morning ringing people to tell them they’ve won one-and-a-half million dollars,” Sue said, adding she still needed to share the news with about 10 more ladies.

Having worked her “bum off” throughout the Covid pandemic to keep her gym open, Sue said it was “the greatest thing ever” to share the win with the “most amazing women I work with every day”.

“I feel so blessed I’ve been able to share it with them,” she said through tears.

“It’s life-changing for all of us.”

“I said yesterday, ‘you know what ladies? Someone’s gonna win it tonight, so why not us?”

Her husband, due to turn 60 shortly, was recently made redundant and the pair had been beginning to worry about what their future would hold.

“So this has taken all that away now. We don’t have to worry anymore. Life’s good,” she said.

She added the huge win wouldn’t stop her working and supporting the rest of the women in her gym.

Adding to the emotion of the day was the fact Sue’s mum passed away about a year ago.

“I feel that it’s my mum looking down on me,” she said.

Originally published as Gym owner reveals 55 members have claimed a share in $80 million Powerball jackpot

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