5 reasons to buy our June Disruptors Issue

In honour of Youth Month, our June issue is all about disruptors – the trailblazers, creators, pioneers, and young people who are pushing the envelope.

With such an abundance of talent, our cover features not one but three dynamic female content creators. Our cover was shot with the innovative Samsung S22 Ultra smartphone, while our content covers topical affairs and cutting-edge stories that are shaping our new hybrid world.

Our June 2022 Disruptors Issue hits shelves on Monday 23 May. Here are 5 reasons you need to buy the issue.

Meet our cover stars: The most influential women in digital story-telling

Our cover features three female content creators who are breaking the mould. Linda Mtoba, Nabilah Kariem, and Kay Yarms are killing it in their respective fields. Their authenticity and unapologetic attitude is what sets them apart. As a charismatic modest influencer, Nabila Kariem is championing the era of representation, while actress and content creator Linda Mtobi is all about building a sustainable brand. Fashion and lifestyle content creator Kay Yarms has established herself as a household name in South African influencer space. Learn more about their individual journeys and approach to groundbreaking content creation in our cover story (page 66).

Delve into the Metaverse

One of the most talked about – and confusing – phenomena right now is the metaverse. What is it? How do you access it? Apparently you can make big money from it?

On page 105, we’ve put together a “tech-savvy girl’s guide to understanding a growing virtual galaxy.” In it, we explain, in layman’s terms, all about the future of entertainment,work, and life.

We also touch on the NFT boom (pg 30). If you’re one of those who still hasn’t been able to wrap your head around this multi-billion dollar industry, this is the article for you. On page 82, spotlight the local TikTok creators who are dominating our feeds.

Fashion fix

In our LOOK section, we once again jump on the trends. Funky denim, cosy knits and quilted jackets on our fashion radar for winter (pg 26), while our fashion spread features an afro-futuristic urban aesthetic to inspire you to dress your best (pg 14). We also spotlight Pan-African Anelisa Mangcu who is making her make on the South African art scene (pg 32).

Skin is in

In our FEEL section, we go in on skin, covering all the latest skincare trends you need to know about, the ingredients on the come-up Ipg 44) and the treatments you should try ahead of the cooler winter months (pg 51).

We also do a deep-dive into laser hair removal: The pros, cons,and how to try it at home. Lastly, on pg 60, read about cruelty-free, and environmentally-conscious skincare brand Litchi & Titch.

A whole new world

Our Disruptors Issue covers topics that are shaping our new post-Covid world. On page 88, we look at meaningful musical experiences – the musical spaces where young people are looking to find themselves, and at the same time, escape.

Then on page 87, we encourage you to check in with yourself. Is your moral compass intact? In an ever-changing world, it’s important to reflect on your values.

Since many of us are back at work,we’re reminding you about office etiquette in the new-age (pg 100), while humnitarian and visual activist Zanele Muholi shares his inspirational journey of art and activism (pg 102).

Discover all this and more in our June 2022 Disruptors Issue, available in-stores from Monday 23 May,or grab your digital copy, here.

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