2022 – Another year of the survival of the fittest

Johannesburg- South Africa’s governing political leadership lacks the capacity and ability to lead with urgency in dealing with the crisis both within and in the government. Thus, in the year 2022, the alarm bells will continue to ring over the instability and general degeneration of the ANC.

These alarm bells will equally ring even louder for the ANC government’s lack of capacity and ability to deliver both on public goods and services.

There are several instances in the year 2021 during which the party acted as if it was “business as usual”, when the situation required leadership urgency.

Two issues will suffice here: the first is manifested with how the state leadership performed over the Covid-19 situation. Through President Cyril Ramaphosa, the leadership handling the Covid-19 crisis has descended into mere project management. Rather than strategic innovations, the approach to dealing with Covid-19 has remained one of protocols of social distancing, sanitising, washing of hands and pushing a vaccination agenda.

Dumisani Tembe

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