19 new subjects to be added in schools

Johannesburg- Over the last 5 years, the Department of Basic Education has published a list of subjects to be implemented in South African schools.

Many of these subjects are aimed at directly helping those school-leaving pupils who will not necessarily complete Grade 12, or enter university.

These subjects cover different fields and these include art, various technology-related subjects, and agricultural subjects.

Some of the subjects will be introduced in grades 8 and 9 and prepare them for possible further study in the art forms of their choice in Further Education and Training (FET), the department said.

These are the subjects that are to be added to the curriculum:

  1. Art and design.
  2. Agricultural studies
  3. Ancilliary healthcare
  4.  Aquaponics
  5. Aviation studies
  6. Civil technology
  7. Consumer studies
  8. Electrical technology
  9. Hospitality studies
  10. Maritime sciences
  11. Maintenance and upholstery
  12. Mechanical technology
  13. Mining sciences
  14.  Technical mathematics
  15. Personal care
  16. Technical sciences
  17. Wholesale and retail
  18. Early childhood development
  19. Digital technology

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Anelisa Sibanda

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